Sad Calleigh HELP on the way. ~ True Love (Connection to Crime Scene )

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Sad Calleigh HELP on the way. ~ True Love (Connection to Crime Scene ) Empty Sad Calleigh HELP on the way. ~ True Love (Connection to Crime Scene )

Post by Calleigh Lynne Duquesne on Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:19 am

Calleigh wakes up. She was fired from PD...after what she did...Horatio was furious. So Calleigh thinks long and hard whether to stay at MDPD.... It has been a week. She packs her boxes. she can no longer afford the apartment. She looks at the picture of her and the team...on her first day of PD. She tears...packing it away. she sees her gun...and badge she needs to return... she puts it in her bag and she packs her boxes.  She sighs....a tear rolls. She polishes her gun. Ready to send it back. She puts it in the return envelope to send back and she gets it ready. She goes to get some fresh air on the balcony...and reads a magazine before having to go face the music with her boyfriend/ The Lt. of Miami. She tears. She hears a vehicle....and Horatio is getting out of it. H is still fuming mad but loves his girl. Cal she was going to move into a bachelors on welfare unless something happened fast. She looked down...a tear falls. the buzzer goes off. It was a call thinking Cal was going to commit suicide. It was a Emergency call.

Calleigh's father beat her on a regular basis... she didn't have the same protection as she used to...she is full of bruises, and she looks at the gun . Her career was pretty much comatoast. She lowers her head..gun in her hand....the Landlord let him in.... Frank: banging on the door.: CALLEIGH! OPEN UP ..... NOW! Cal: GO IM FINE!  examining her gun and polishes it some more. H: Calleigh....sweetheart.....come on...let's talk? Calleigh nightengale come on. It can be fixed hon. Open the door or I will have no choice...but to kick it down. NOW!

Cal : comes and unlocks it backing up her gun is at ready in her hand....  her tears are evident. Crying or Very sad

H: Calleigh. Baby come on.

Cal: I want my job back!

H: we can talk about that but not with a unlocked gun in your hand...Sweetie give me...the gun.

Cal: looks. backing up. going to the balcony. H moves in on Cal.

H : Swet girl come on. I know you were shook an unfair hand. We can talk....ok? Give me...the gun baby...Please.

Cal: I don't want to lose you!! no ... as H comes closer... and Cal backs up but can't anymore.

Frank: Lose him? Nah...that will never happen. Come on Calleigh. we can talk...okay?


Frank: BEFORE entering the should have radioed one of us. That was your biggest mistake . That...and wrestling The big boy down alone is what took the cake. Come on Cal...we can work it out ...we can ....

Cal: tears.... i want my job meant the world to me...and Horatio...too. I want my job back ... she cries....

H: we shall see...but for now need to come with me...and we will talk all of this through...

Cal : tears..... as Frank helps her and she stays holding onto the balcony. She holds onto the railing. H pries her off and gets her in his arms and down to the ground. Cal cries..... LOUD.... As Frank locks the gun.
Frank: Oh damn that was close.

Horatio takes her out and puts her in his hummer and takes her to PD.

(we will reenact this fromt he start..Lol) :Let us decide what happens next.

What happens? let's decide.

Sad Calleigh HELP on the way. ~ True Love (Connection to Crime Scene ) Image10
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